Five clever space hacks to make your home feel larger than it is

Creating a personal space where you can relax is an exciting process. Big rooms are easy to decorate as you are not constrained by space and the décor you can use. Small rooms are a bit tricky though. Your options are limited when decorating and you don't want to make a small space feel cramped. But worry not, we've got your back. Consider these five hacks you can use the next time you're styling a small room.

Let there be light. 

One of the easiest ways to make a small room feel bigger is simply to draw the curtains and let natural light in! A well-lit space will make any room look larger. But what if you don't have large windows or don't have enough light coming in? Add some creative lights that brighten up the room and are also aesthetically pleasing.

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Mirrors on the wall. 

Do you know what complements a well-lit room with tons of light? Mirrors!

Mirrors reflect the light back into the room and create an illusion of a large space. A tip to remember with mirrors is to go large. Small mirrors don't reflect enough light to make your room look big. Instead, keep big mirrors opposite your windows so they can reflect the natural light coming from outside. 

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Declutter for more space. 

Decluttering is possibly the cheapest and easiest way to give your room more space. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and get rid of anything you don't need and keep the things you cherish to style your room. Use baskets and shelves to store things like blankets, books, or toys. A minimalist approach to organising a small room will definitely make your room look larger.


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Choose furniture wisely. 

Avoid using big heavy furniture for small rooms. Not only do they take up more space, they also block light from passing through, making the room look even smaller. Choose furniture that doesn't take up much space and shows legs or openings for light and air to pass through to create the illusion of a big room.


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The type of drapes you use can affect how much light comes through the windows and brighten up the room. Dark, heavy drapes will block the light and make the room look smaller. Instead, use lightweight fabrics and light colours to make the room look bigger with an airy touch.

Now that you know these clever hacks, use them to make small spaces look larger and more spacious. We'd love to see your room décor on Instagram so please tag us at @koko.collective.

Speak soon, loves!





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