6 Tips For Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Coastal Home

Are you moving to a new coastal home or re-doing your interiors to suit your relaxed style? Choosing the right furniture is a crucial part of styling your home. You want to buy cozy, yet functional furniture that reflects your style. But worry not; we’ve got your back with these five hacks you can use the next time you want to style a small room.

But with so many options to choose from, where do you start? We've come up with a few simple suggestions to help you get started on designing your interiors and creating your own unique coastal space.   

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Pick a theme.

Choosing a theme is one of the first decisions you must make with interior design. Think of a theme for the entire house so your home has a comfy yet attractive aesthetic that ties the furniture together. A central theme for your home makes choosing pieces that complement your interior easier.

A relaxed coastal theme is all the rage currently and we don't foresee it going anywhere soon! It's also okay to mix themes if your style doesn't perfectly align to one solid interior theme.

You could go for a vintage look with mid-century furniture and mix it up with natural materials for a laid-back bohemian style. If you are going for a coastal theme, check out our cozy Round Hanging Chair or the Ava Rattan Pendant  to give your space a warm, natural feel.


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Set a spending limit.

Before shopping for new furniture, you must first set a budget. Find the furniture and décor you want to style with and set aside appropriate funds. Understanding how much you can spend will help you make a well-thought-out decision for the right furniture and prevent you from overspending.

Spending more of your budget on a high quality hand-crafted piece can actually save you money in the long run, as it will last the test of time.

Textures and patterns.

Textures and bold patterns add depth to your central theme. Some materials, like wood and rattan, are more durable and sustainable than other materials. They add beautiful textures and patterns to your interiors that bring interest to the space. For example, the Bryah Rattan Bench Seat is a beautiful and functional addition to the end of a guest bed.

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Lay your foundations. 

Furniture like sofas, beds or dining tables take up a lot of space and are often the room's focus. Choose furniture that is comfortable, functional and complements your interior. Pro tip: get a rug before you buy your sofa. Trust us. It's easier to match your couch to your rug than the other way around! 

Build a foundation for your overall interior with hero furniture pieces like our  Indie Rattan Day Bed  that gives your space warm cozy vibes and enough room to stretch your legs after a long day.  

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Consider what you have already to work with.  

Your current furniture might be more useful than you think. You can mix and match your old and new furniture to your home and create a look that is uniquely yours. Assess what you already have and try incorporating them into your new theme. 

Choosing the right furniture is a balancing act between comfort, aesthetics and functionality.  

Here at Koko Collective our range of responsibly sourced rattan furniture and homewares are hand-crafted from quality materials. Ensuring our unique pieces are beautifully presented and will last the test of time. 

Now that you know these clever hacks, you can easily make small spaces look larger and more spacious. We’d love to see your room décor on Instagram, so don’t forget to tag us at @koko.collective.

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Speak soon, loves!

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