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It is common knowledge that pets can be messy. This is why some potential pet owners are hesitant about getting a kitten or puppy despite really wanting one. Luckily, it is possible to keep a pet without sacrificing the look of your home! So if you are still thinking twice about adopting a cat or dog from breeders in or around NSW, it’s time to think again. Below are some tips on how you can maintain a clean and stylish house even with a pet living in it.


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#1 Give your pet their own furniture

Because they are playful, energetic, and curious, pets tend to unintentionally destroy human furniture. To avoid this, you can give your cat or dog their own sofa, ottoman, or bed to hop onto or rest on. You can choose one that is inexpensive yet attractive so that you will feel less disappointed if it gets scratched or chewed on. Consider investing in dog bed sheets that can easily be swapped out and cleaned.


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#2 Choose colours that match your pet’s coat

Another great way to style your pet-friendly home is by going for colours that complement the colour of your pet’s coat. A brown pet, for instance, will blend seamlessly with an off-white wallpaper, a cream couch with green pillows, red curtains, and beige flooring. Meanwhile, a black pet will match naturally with any grey and white décor. The key is to get creative so that your pet and interior will go well together.


#3 Declutter

When you have a pet living with you, expect that there will be toys, supplies, and treats in every corner of your home. But do not fret - while keeping clutter at bay may seem impossible with a furball around, it isn’t. All you need is to store everything properly and in one place.

There are many storage organisers, like decorative baskets and boxes, that are available on the market for playthings and accessories. If you need more storage for items like food and grooming tools, you can have shelving units and cabinets installed in your home.


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#4 Always use stain-resistant upholstery

Many fabrics, including burlap, cotton, and muslin, are magnets to stains. So if you are thinking of getting a four-legged friend, save yourself from the headache of dealing with mud, drool, and urine daily by choosing the right type of upholstery fabric for your furniture as early as possible.

A good choice is leather, as it is durable, easy to clean, and goes well with pet accessories like lead. However, most grades of this material can be scratched. Crypton is another great choice, as it not only protects against stains but also bacteria and mildew. The only problem with it is that it has a grain-like texture like that of vinyl, which many do not like. You may also opt for acrylic, as this upholstery fabric resists soiling and fading; its only drawback is that it tends to pill.


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#5 Make sure to vacuum regularly

Pet fur and dander can trigger allergic reactions and make your space feel dirty. If you’re thinking of adopting a pet, prepare to vacuum your sofa, sheets, and carpet at least twice a week. If your future kitten or puppy tends to shed a lot, you may need to vacuum daily.

To ensure a spotless home, it is recommended that you get two vacuums. Purchase a handheld vacuum for spot-cleaning your furniture, and buy a large, heavy-duty vacuum for your regular vacuum routine.


#6 Say goodbye to carpets

Rugs and carpets trap pet fur and dander, absorb odours, and soak up stains. If you don’t vacuum often, they can end up as breeding grounds for bacteria. This is why it is suggested that you steer away from the use of these when you decide to bring home a pet. Instead, keep your floor bare and choose easy-to-clean hard surfaces. You can go for hardwood as it is easy to mop and vacuum, or opt for ceramic tiles as they are resistant to stains.

Should you have to have a rug or carpet in your living space, choose one that is low pile. This is because it doesn’t catch much dirt or debris, making it easy to clean. It is also durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic without having its appearance altered.


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