5 ways to refresh your home for Spring! 

The season of bright days, blossoming flowers and new beginnings is here!  

In the spirit of all things new, we’ve recently launched our spring collection designed to freshen up your home with light and functional coastal furniture! If you were thinking of redoing your home for the warm weather, spring is a fantastic time when the weather is not too cold or too hot to spend the day giving your home a makeover. And if you, like us, feel the spring fever to redo your home, we’ve covered a few tips to help you add some spring touches to your home.   
1. Decorate with light and airy decor 

After months of cold weather, the clear skies and warm spring sun are a welcome change. You don’t need thick blankets or draperies to create a cosy atmosphere as you did in the winter. Instead, opt for sheers that allow fresh air to flow freely, and arrange your house with furniture made of natural materials such as rattan or bamboo. Our Bessie Rattan Coffee Table will give a warm atmosphere to your lounge or living area for spring. 

Shop the Bessie Rattan Coffee Table and Plant Stand.

2. Spring cleaning

What comes to mind when you hear spring? Cleaning of course! Springtime is for cleaning your home for light and fresh air to fill up the room. But before beginning a cleaning frenzy, we recommend decluttering your room. Our Minnie Arched Cabinet, made with sustainable materials, has plenty of storage space to organize your things while bringing a natural touch to your interior.

Shop the Minnie Arched Cabinet.

3. Add classic, natural elements

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your home is to incorporate natural elements like rattan and timber. A classic rattan or timber chandelier adds a lot of character to your space without overpowering the overall vibe. Install a chandelier like our Mable Beaded Chandelier in your living or dining area to create a warm, tropical ambience in your home.


Shop the Mable Beaded Chandelier.  

4. Consider rattan furniture

Rattan furniture is perfect for adding a relaxed, inviting vibe to any room. This natural and sustainable material adds lush, natural textures that suit the sunny spring weather. Styling your bedroom with the Jake Bedside Table, for example, adds unique textures and tones that will instantly refresh your bedroom for spring and complement any colour scheme.  

Shop the Jake Bedside Table and Poppy Natural Rattan Bedhead.

5. Create an outdoor living space

With warm weather inviting you to soak in the sun, transforming your backyard into a living space is a great way to bring the outdoors in. And spring is the perfect opportunity to create the outdoor area you desire. Make sure you have comfortable seating so you can stay out for as long as you want, like with our Melissa Jane Rattan Chair or the Amalfi Bistro Dining Chair. 

Shop the Amalfi Bistro Dining Chair. 

Shop our newly launched handcrafted rattan furniture to style your home for the spring. Don’t forget to tag us @koko.collective on Instagram and share your spring décor re-fresh!  

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Speak soon, loves!



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