5 Tips to Style the Perfect Nursery

Are you expecting a baby? If so, then it’s time to think about decorating your nursery! Welcoming the newest family member is an incredibly exciting time and believe it or not, decorating your new nursery isn’t as hard as you think! 

Creating a cosy, aesthetically pleasing environment for you and your baby is very important, as you will spend a lot of time bonding in this room. In today’s blog post we have compiled a list of our top tips for decorating your nursery.

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Planning is crucial. 

When decorating a nursery, planning is essential. Organising and allocating a budget and analysing your space is a crucial part of the process. The budget determines what money you can assign to the most important pieces of furniture and what to allocate to decorations. Think about lighting and map your layout. Another essential part of your planning should include ensuring the layout is functional and safe.

Pick a theme.

Picking one central theme for your nursery is a great place to start. You can choose a theme around colour, animals, a scene, a season or even a design movement like boho. Once you pick your theme, it will help you choose the furniture and décor to decorate the space. Keeping the accents to the theme minimal and the colours neutral is an excellent strategy when executing your design. People are choosing to make nurseries gender neutral these days, as it saves you redecorating over the years as your child grows or you introduce another family member along the way!

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Put together a mood board.

Creating a mood board is great for collating all of your ideas. This is the best visual way to put your inspiration together and add the items you want to purchase. Using online tools like Canva and Pinterest is a good start, as they are easy to navigate and perfect for visually creative people. Mood boards are perfect for experimenting with potential colours and styles before you commit to purchasing anything for your room.

Choose your furniture. 

Once you have confirmed your budget and theme, it’s time to shop for the space! This is the fun part of the process. Pick your furniture around your theme. A good example is if you are after a boho nursery, consider looking at rattan furniture or furniture made with natural materials. The most important pieces of furniture are the bassinet, buffets and a chair to rest when you are feeding. In nurseries, storage is king, so the more storage, the better. 

Our Malawi Chair has fantastic arm support that will help keep you comfortable when you are feeding. You can also shop our extensive range of beautifully handmade rattan bassinets, wardrobes and buffets that add texture and interest to your space. 

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Once you have everything else covered, it’s time to decorate. Consider soft cushions, cosy throws, serene prints and cute decorations. The key to making your nursery chic is not going overboard with the themed accents. Our Pom Pom Blanket add a cosy and functional element to your space as you can use them to keep you warm when feeding or as a second blanket for your baby on cooler nights. Wall hangings like our Dried Flower Wreath add an ethereal, whimsical touch with different textures and colours you can tie into your style. 


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Starting or growing your family is such an exciting time of your life, and if you are looking to decorate with Koko Collective pieces, we would love you to share your space with us. Don't forget to tag us @koko.collective on Instagram once you complete your dream nursery!

Speak soon, loves! 




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