Seven tips to freshen up your bedroom.

Your bedroom is arguably one of, if not the most important room in your home. A place of tranquillity, peace, a private space where you relax and unwind. Making it cosy and authentically you is not as hard as you would think. So, with this in mind, we have come up with our top seven tips to freshen up your bedroom to create the bedroom space you love.

Declutter your space.

When it comes to redecorating your room, the best place to start is by giving it a good deep clean and stripping it back to basics. You can see what space you have to work with and start decorating with a blank canvas.

Consider changing up the layout.

Can you move your bed and furniture around in another direction to give yourself more space? Sometimes changing your furniture around can create more space and make your bedroom look larger. Changing your layout can feel as good as a holiday when freshening up your space.

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Add light.

Good lighting is key to creating a warm, cosy and inviting space. Whether adding a floor lamp, bedside table lamps or even changing your light bulbs' colour can instantly make your bedroom feel more inviting and add warmth to your room.

Add a mirror.

One of the easiest tricks to make your space look larger is adding a floor mirror. Adding a large mirror makes your room appear bigger. Not only do floor mirrors help you see how you are dressed in the morning, but they are a chic way of creating the illusion that your space is more extensive and help reflect light throughout your bedroom. Our Lola Arched Mirror is a beautiful option for adding depth and focal point to your room.

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Add colour.

Adding colour to your bedroom is one of the key ways to personalise your space and make it cohesive. Whether through bedding, throws, pillows or décor, pops of colour are a great way to make your room more inviting. Accent colours such as gold or silver throughout your décor can modernise and personalise your space. Our brass hand or brass shell are cute items that can inject accent colours and add a coastal boho aesthetic to your bedroom.

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Incorporating storage solutions into your space can be a space saver. Woven baskets can add a lot of storage whilst adding to the coastal boho aesthetic at the same time. Use storage baskets to store blankets, throw pillows, shoes, or even as a laundry basket. Woven baskets can even double up as an aesthetic plant pot. Our rattan basket and plant stand are the perfect way to add natural materials and textures to your space.

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Small Vignettes.

Adding small vignettes can create interest and personalise your space. A vignette is a small grouping of décor that draws your eye and adds texture to your home. Adding decorative objects is one of the best ways to create a vignette, but there is a key to this. Click here if you would like to learn more about vignettes and how to create the perfect one!

So if you are looking to change up your space or give your bedroom a refresh, this is an excellent place to start. Don't forget to tag us @koko.collective on Instagram if you decide to give your bedroom a makeover!

Speak soon, loves!

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