How to style a vignette.

Have you ever wondered what a vignette is?

A vignette is a small area with objects grouped in a stylised way that adds personality and makes your space unique. You can create vignettes upon shelves, fireplaces, a dresser, table, bar cart or window ledge. They usually consist of vases, mirrors, plants and unusual décor that tell a story or create a mood. Conceptualising a vignette may sound easy; however, there is an art to building the perfect vignette. To make the whole experience straightforward for you, we have listed our top five tips to create the perfect vignette. 

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Choose a theme.

Draw inspiration from magazines, Instagram & Pinterest or anywhere you have seen a style that catches your eye. Here at Koko Collective, we love a coastal boho theme. To create this theme, start with collecting some decor that speaks to it. A brass crab, hand or mermaid is a great way to bring in a bold and on-trend color to set the tone for the rest of your styling. The key with these brass pieces is only to have one or two as it can overwhelm the vignette and make it look cluttered. Creating a consistent style theme is very dependent on selecting a colour palate to work from. For the coastal boho theme, you want to draw inspiration from the coastline, so think of soft colours with warm undertones like beige, white and tan mixed in with an accent colour such as gold.

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Use an odd number of objects.

Odd numbers add interest and appear to be less staged. Picking groups of threes or fives is a good starting point. The key to executing the perfect vignette is to make them look considered and effortless at the same time.  

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Play with different materials to create contrast, texture and depth.

For example, to style with a coastal boho theme, you can mix the warmth of leather, with a natural material like rattan and finish with brass objects for interest. It’s always nice to add a living plant to add colour and life to your space. Combining different materials will add interest and contrast to any vignette.

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Create movement.

One of the more complex points to conceptualise, creating movement is what draws the eye across the vignette, making it cohesive which is important to be pleasing on the eye. Adding tall objects like mirrors or objects of varying heights to your display will draw the eye across the space. This allows the viewer to pause and take in the display and tells the story of your objects in a natural and organic way.

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Do a final edit.

Take a step back, review and edit down. You might want to start with a larger collection of objects and scale it back so that it looks considered but not cluttered. If anything doesn't look right, remove it. Also, play around with the placement of the objects to see how they fit together. You might find that doing a switch around might make more sense visually. Taking a photo and playing around with the final arrangement can help you decide which placements you like.

Adding vignettes throughout your home is an excellent way of adding personality and a unique touch to your space. It can create warmth, and changing them up for the season can also give your home a bit of a refresh.

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Speak soon, loves!

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