Transform your home into a coastal boho paradise

Five tips to give your home a boho makeover! 

Transform your home into a cosy and inviting seaside paradise with a coastal bohemian interior. The laid-back style of coastal boho interiors captures the charm of natural elements and warm coastlines.  

The inherently calm and soothing ambience of coastal bohemian interiors makes it a no-brainer to create relaxing living areas and bedrooms. And you don’t need a beachside house to create the perfect coastal home!  

We’ve listed a few tips to help you transform your home into a beachside paradise, so read on!

Start with the colour palette 

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When it comes to the colour palette for your coastal boho home, it is neutral and muted all the way. Classic colours like green and blue with a white backdrop go well together for a waterside theme makeover. Stay away from large, darker pieces of furniture and bold colour statements.  

Steer away from clichés 

It’s easy to get carried away with clichés when decorating your coastal boho home, like beach signs and sea-life ornaments. Instead, focus on creating a summery feeling and soothing moods with calming colour schemes and textures.  

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Kick back with the bedroom of your dreams! 

Scandinavian coastal style is all about kicking back and relaxing. Furnish your home with a feature bedhead that brings in the warmth and natural texture of rattan such as our Arched Natural Rattan Bed Head pictured above, to create an inviting atmosphere. This beautiful feature can be styled with any colour scheme!  

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Textures are your friend 

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Textures can add depth to your interior, this boho inspired interior has a neutral colour palette with a white backdrop. Use natural textures like brass, mixed rattan weaves and greenery for a multi- dimensional space!  

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Plants = good vibes 

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No boho décor is complete without some greenery in the house. Plants not only improve your mood and relieve stress, but they also complement the colour scheme and rattan furniture to create a truly coastal bohemian home.  

It’s easy to see why the coastal bohemian style is popular with its calming and relaxing ambience. Using neutral colours and natural materials like rattan add warmth and a free-spirited vibe to your home.  

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