How to Hang Your New Koko Rattan Pendant Light!

Rattan pendants are hugely popular right now, we are seeing more and more of them pop up in home interior design images online and in magazines. With their handmade qualities and texture, they add character and warmth to any space. We love them clustered over a dining area, above an island bench or as a feature in the hallway, bedroom or living space.

Do you have your heart set on adding a rattan pendant to your home, but are unsure of how to go about hanging it? We often receive questions like this about our pendants and how to hang them is one of the most frequent, so we have broken down the steps below for you!

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The easiest way to get started is with an existing light fitting, however, if you want to place a pendant in a completely new spot with no existing fitting, you will need to bring in an electrician. (Always use a professional for that job!)  

To update your existing light fitting, you are going to need a suspension kit. We picked this one up at Bunnings for under $10! They have a couple of styles available, however if you shop around you can find other styles on the market.  


Ensure your light is turned off at the light switch and remove the light currently in place. Secure the adaptor plug on the suspension cord into the existing batten on the ceiling. Thread your new pendant light through the cord and pop your light globe in.

You may find that the cord is longer than you like and you will need to wrap the cord around on itself to shorten the length. Again a professional electrician would be able to shorten the cord for you. Voila, you have a new updated rattan look!

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Do your pendants come with a wire insert?

Yes, each pendant listed on the website comes with a wire insert. We do have some in the warehouse that are more like cloches and customers frequently use them as pendants. These styles do not have a wire insert and will need to be fitted by an electrician.

Are the handles removable on your pendant lights?

Yes, they are! Each of our pendants comes with a handle for variety in its use. We have seen people hang our pendants from trees for a boho picnic, inside wedding marquees and barns plus much more. Of course if you are hanging your pendants in your home and don’t need the handle you can certainly remove it.

Do you ship your pendants Australia wide?

Yes we certainly do. As the cost of shipping varies depending on where you are located please contact us for a shipping quote and we will get back to you asap.

Do you ship your pendants internationally? 

Unfortunately the cost of shipping larger items like our pendants internationally is very high, much more than the cost of the pendant itself. Also due to the nature of the item and risk of damage we do not send our pendants offshore unfortunately.  

If I order a pendant and it’s the wrong size can I return it?

Yes of course, we understand it can be hard to envision what a pendant will look like in your home. Especially our larger styles like the Koko Pendant which is quite the feature piece.

Therefore, once you receive your pendant light, if it’s not the right size you can return it and we will exchange it for another shape or size. The cost of ALL shipping will be covered by the customer returning the pendant and the exchange will not occur until we receive the pendant back to our warehouse.


Don't forget to tag us @kokocollective once you have completed your rattan pendant light reno!  

Kylie + Alicia xx

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