Why Rattan?

A lot of people ask us if rattan is sustainable and the answer is YES!

Rattan is a naturally renewable climbing vine-like plant and a member of the palm family (clearly why we love it). There are more than 600 species known and each tendril can grow up to 200m in length while maintaining the same diameter throughout. Its solid all the way through, unlike bamboo which is hollow, making it one of nature's strongest materials. The long slender stems grow very quickly replenished after harvested. 

Once the rattan is harvested, washed, cured and then dried it is ready for use and around 60% of the rattan goes into the furniture business. Rattan furniture manufacturing is low tech, not requiring production facilities that pollute the environment. 

With rattan being so strong, bendy and beautiful to look at, our artisans (who have perfected their craft taught to them over generations) can work with us to create our designs that we bring to you. If your style is tropical, bohemian, vintage, modern or classic there is always a place for a beautifully handcrafted piece of rattan furniture in your home. 

So in world where we are all more environmentally conscious you rest easy knowing rattan furniture is eco-friendly and a wonderful option for those after environmentally-sound furniture. 

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