How to Install Your Rattan Hanging Chair

Hanging chairs are perfect for creating a cosy corner in your home to relax and enjoy some me time. Rattan hanging chairs are a major trend, adding a rattan hanging chair will level up your outdoor (or indoor!) space and add a touch of retro chic. Looking for the perfect rattan hanging chair for your space? Check out our range of rattan hanging chairs.

Installing one can seem daunting if you are DIY-ing it. Not to worry! We’ve got you covered! Follow this step-by-step guide and you will be enjoying some me time in your new rattan hanging chair in no time!

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What you will need:

  1. A Drill
  2. Stud finder
  3. Screw eye
  4. Locking carabiner
  5. Chain or rope, pre-measured

All of these items you can find at your local hardware store and most hanging chairs come with a rope pre-measured for length and weight.

  1. Locate the joist.

Locate a ceiling joist in the area where you want to hang your chair. If you’re installing the chair on your porch, find a joist or use a stud finder to locate one that can handle the weight of a person and the chair’s weight together. Once found, mark the centre of the joist and drill a 3-inch hole. An ideal place would be in the middle of the beam to evenly distribute the weight.

  1. Install screw eye
To ensure the screw eye is safely secured to the ceiling, drill a hole smaller than the screw in the centre marked before and tighten the screw. Make sure that the screw threads are fully into the joist. You can also use a locking carabiner or an S-hook if the screw eye is too small for a chain or rope.

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  1. Hook a rope or chain

Attach a strong, thick rope or a rust-proof chain through the carabiner or the screw (most hanging chairs will come with a suitable rope). If you are using a chain, make a simple loop with the ends through the carabiner. Ropes are also a great option, but make sure they are strong enough to hold your weight and the knots are tied securely, we recommend tying 3 knots.

  1. Test the chair
Before you jump into the chair (preferably our best selling Chevron hanging chair!) and get cosy, you need to ensure it’s safe. Hang your chair and adjust the height to your preference or ideally 3 feet off the ground. Then, slowly sit in your new hanging chair and shift your weight a bit to see if the chair is installed correctly.

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Your beautiful hanging chair is now ready for you to sit back and relax for some comfy me time!

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Speak soon, loves!

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